A group of companies operating in the agriculture real-estate decided to reorganize the group in order to render the operations more efficient.

The solution they found was a merger by absorption. FinACo had an active involvement in analyzing the working options, drafting the budget and the agenda, actively cooperated with the lawyers’ team, drafting the merger project.

The merger began in September 2013 and was completed in May 2014.


ERP Softone Deployment

A supply company from the HORECA sector wanted to modernize, to structure and render the business processes more flexible, the main objective being that of getting quick and correct information so necessary for a performing management. The decision to implement an ERP system was adopted.

The FinACo team actively involved in searching for solutions, we provided support for the implementation management, provided compliance with the local accounting standards.

We got involved in finding the right personnel and provided training. Now, we monitor the activity and revise the accounts by using modern working instruments, using on-line feature.

The selection process began in spring 2013 and the implementation was completed in November 2014.


Management accounting

A production company operating in the sector of metal components faced some difficulties in the optimum management of the orders portfolio.

FinACo had an active role and provided the right solution for adapting an application of economic stock management to an application of management and manufacturing costs calculation, by using the method of costs on demand. Implementation of the process lasted 4 months.


Due dilligence

A group of investors wanted to purchase a group of Romanian companies. The main objective was to continue an investment plan in swine farms.

FinACo got involved in the mission of auditing the financial reports, analyzing the investment projects, cooperated with the lawyers’ team and drafted a report, which was the ground for the decision of the investors to continue the purchase process or not.