Financial Statements at 30 of June 2016

Official Gazette 499 from 5 of July 2016

Ministry of Finance Order 916 from 21 of June 2016

Financial Statements at 30th of June 2016

The companies with a turnover more then 220000RON for 2015 financial year, has the obligation to prepare and submit the Financial Statements at 30th of June 2016.

Deadline: 16th of August 2016

According with the accounting law, the penalties due if a company not respecting the above obligations can be between 300RON and 4.500RON, as follow:
– Prepare the financial statements without respecting the standards or signed it: between 200RON and 3000 RON
– Submitting the Financial Statements with a delay: 300RON and 4.500RON.

For further information, please contact:

Florica Cira | Consultant fiscal
Eugen Ionesco 69A, corp C3, ap.4, Cluj Napoca
Tel: (40) 364 113 331; Fax: (40) 364 113 330


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