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Modification of the Fiscal Code

G.E.O. 32 of 28.06.2016  The Official Journal of Romania no.488 of 30.06.2016 Government Emergency Ordinance no. 32 of 28.06.2016 brings a number of changes to the Fiscal Code as follows: Taxation of Income  Starting with the 1st of August 2016, people who work in applied and/or technological research and development are exempt from wage taxation. […]

Changes regarding the taxation of personal incomes starting with February 1, 2017

O.U.G 3 din 06.01.2017 The Official Gazette of Romania no.6 of 06.01.2017 → → Dividend taxation • The taxpayers who report incomes from salaries, pension, self-employment activities, join-venture with a company, are exempted from the health contribution tax of 5.5% for dividend and other investments revenues.. • The limit of 5 gross average salaries for […]